Unlock Your Managerial Potential
As a manager, you want to give your employees the education and resources they need to do their jobs well. Enroll your farm today and let Pork Avenue help you accomplish your management goals.

Use reports to identify employee strengths and opportunities. Monitor progress and acknowledge achievements! Let Pork Avenue Reports take your management abilities to a new level.

Welcome to the Day One Pig Care Course. These are interactive, fun, realistic day-to-day scenarios for the Day One Pig Care Specialist.

Day One Pig Care Lesson 1 is available as a one week FREE trial. Go to “Start Learning” to enroll today!

Welcome to the Admin Console
Did you know you can track each learner on Pork Avenue Training Portal? Seth, your technology support specialist, will give you a tour of your Admin Dashboard. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at help@porkavenuetraining.com.

Enrolling Users in Lessons
Enrolling users is easy! Learn how, with Seth, your technology support specialist. You will learn how to enroll individual users and groups of users into single or multiple lessons. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us for help at help@porkavenuetraining.com.We will go whole hog to help you effectively and efficiently use Pork Avenue Training Portal.

Reproduction 101

In these featured lessons, sponsored by Merck, you’ll learn cutting edge techniques for managing pig reproduction cycles.

Multilingual Creation and Delivery Ability
Much of Pork Avenue’s content is available in multiple languages. All quizzes and testing can be easily navigated by non-readers, meaning you can rely on every worker receiving the exact same instruction and feedback for every task.

Caretaker Training Description
Become a teacher with Pork Avenue Training Portal! Unlock your teaching potential with Dr. Sarah. Let her guide your eLearning experience through interactive videos on how and why to perform certain tasks, from Day One Pig Care to Animal Handling with Market Hogs, to do your job well, succeed and be a professional in this industry. To further solidify your abilities, go in barn with a mentor to verify that you can physically execute these tasks on farm. Sign up today and let Dr. Sarah make your learning experience fun, calm and relatable.